A Very Nice Customer Acually...

Postat av: Frida da swede


2010-02-25 @ 14:19:06
Postat av: Paul

I was hoping you would find a loveinterest, what was wrong with that guy. Too old for you?

2010-02-25 @ 14:57:22
Postat av: beibei

Hello Paul! Well..he was married and i think he didn't need love only some company?

2010-02-25 @ 15:45:10
Postat av: malin conlan

company is good!..sometimes company is love. i really like the way you draw the nice customer, im sure he would be pleased.

2010-02-25 @ 19:59:36
Postat av: beibei

yeah,actually he never wanna meet anymore,i guess..he wanted something else,i thought he could be a nice friend,but now i have many nice friends in Beijing:) Thanks for I am having them!

2010-03-05 @ 04:04:46

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