The Resting Day

Well,i wanna know does she wanna also tell people her underwear's color?Boring Boring~

i bought this dress,but i found i cant wash it by water...complicated~

Hate ppl only talking in their life...

The book

Did you miss me?

New Logo of chineseswedishgirl

Me and dongdongdong

You have good day and bad day S in life,but good days always run fast

Lovely Christmas and lovely friends! And yes,i am coming back!

I am back...But dosen't look so happy? Or,just because i am a Gemini?

I've got everything,why I am still a pig?-Some White Foreigners in China. Pls notice,I said SOME OF THEM.

Sorry if I've offend someone,and I wish nobody comes to kill me by reading this.Some of those white guys whom living in China...they are soooooo ugly.

I hate the feeling of being confused,but most time I am confused...I am confused with it...

Sorry I haven't updated my blogggg!! I will do soon!!!

Have you done it yet?

Too many nowadays, I was wondering why everybody wants look same?

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